A collection of announcements made inside trains that one does not hear during normal operation
by Takao Iba, c1995 (WWW Version by Kobe University Library, c2001)

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Line Recorded Location Sections of Interrupted Service Audio Data
1. Subway
Shin-Kobe >Sannomiya(passes through) > Kenchomae Passes through
Sannomiya,Kamisawa,and Shin-Nagata due to construction
8K 4.1MB
2. Self-Defense Force
Relief helicopters (Nada-Ku, Kobe/Oji Athletics Ground) 8K 7.3MB
3. JR
Motomachi >Sannomiya > Nada Nada to Sumiyoshi 8K 5.0MB
4. JR
Sumiyoshi >Settsu-Motoyama Nada to Sumiyoshi 8K 3.2MB
5. Hankyu
Mikage > Rokko > Oji-Koen Oji-Koen to Hanakuma 8K 6.0MB
6. Hankyu
Rokko > Mikage Mikage to Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi 8K 3.0MB
7. Hanshin
Around Sumiyoshi > Mikage Mikage to Iwaya 8K 1.5MB
8. Hanshin
Sannomiya > Kasuganomichi > Iwaya Iwaya to Mikage 8K 5.3MB
9. Kobe
Maruyama > Nagata Nagata to Shinkaichi 8K 1.4MB
10. Sanyo
Sumadera >Tsukimiyama > Higashi-Suma Higashi-Suma to Shinkaichi
Takinochaya to Sumadera
8K 4.3MB
11. Kobe Kosoku
Nishidai > Kosoku Nagata Kosoku Nagata to Shinkaichi 8K 1.9MB
12. Bullet Train
Himeji Station Platform Himeji to Shin-Osaka 8K 3.6MB
13. Reconstruction
Demolition of quake-stricken buildings (Chuo-ku, Kobe/Ikuta-Shinmichi) 8K 2.8MB
14. Portliner
Minami-Koen >Shimin-Hiroba >Shimin Byoin Mae Kita-Futo to Naka-Koen
Naka-Koen to Sannomiya
8K 3.0MB
15. Rokko Liner
Marine Park >Island Center >Island Kitaguchi Island Kitaguchi to Sumiyoshi 8K 4.7MB
Audio of the Great Hanshin Earthquake - The Crippled Transit System
c1995 Produced and written by Takao Iba