Sources of recorded sounds

”General precautions on use”
1 Numbers (1 to 34) show the order of days when recording was made.
2 Recording started at the time shown after the day of recording. The sound in the CD does not necessarily match the recording starting time.
3 Microphone input level was always kept constant regardless of the size of the sound source. Small sounds are recorded as they are. If you listen to the CD with small sound as the reference level, deafening sounds may be reproduced in other tracks. Listen by using the maximum sound volume as the reference level.
4 Explanations in braille also available for the CD.

”machinery and materials”
Microphone SONY ECM-989 SHURE VP-88
1 Port of Kobe at New Year 18 Coffee shop with "bell-ring" insects
2 Kobe City Oji Zoo 19 Kobe Akashi Strait Bridge on inauguration
3 Yanagihara Ebisu Shrine 20 Orix wins Pacific League championship
4 Underground mall 21 Kobe Portopia Land
5 Setubun Festival 22 JR West Japan Konan-Yamate Station opened
6 Mosaic Garden 23 Tour bus City Loop
7 Nankin-machi Spring Festival 24 Harvest time "Harvesting Rice"
8 Sumaura Ropeway 25 Kobe Jazz Street Parade
9 Earthquake reconstruction prayer floats 26 Viccel Kobe wins place in the J-League
10 Giant container ship launching ceremony 27 "Kobe Sound Scene" at midnight in uptown Kobe
11 Thunder and thunderbolt 28 Gateway to Kobe, Bullet Train Shin-Kobe Station
12 Nightingale song 29 Tourists in Kitano Ijinkan Area
13 Rokko Mountain Range in rainy season 30 Nunobiki Fall "Odaki"
14 Training ship Kaio-maru clearing the port 31 Light sculpture Kobe Luminarie opening
15 Singing frog in limpid stream 32 Rokko Ski Slope
16 Kobe Festival
Reconstruct! Kobe Parade
33 Kobe Fresh Market on New Year's Eve
17 Kobe Festival
Fireworks and Music Festival
34 Watch-night Bell at Arima Hot Spa

1996 Kobe Sound Scene
c1997 Produced and written by Takao Iba
by Takao Iba, c1997 (WWW Version by Kobe University Library, c2001)