A photo collection of the Great Hanshin Earthquake : seen through the eyes of a postgraduate student
Matsuda, Satoru: Photography

January, 17, 1995 (Tuesday) : The day of the earthquake
The center of Kobe in flames
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JR Rokkomichi Station vicinity in flames
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The completely destroyed north entrance/exit of Rokkomichi Station
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The area below the elevated track on the west side of JR Rokkomichi Station : Site of Fukube -- a restaurant that was often used for dinner parties by the Kobe University Graduate School of Law (the restaurant was located in the center of the photo, below the elevated track)
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Near the southern entrance/exit of Rokkomichi Station
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These images are applied with CC licenses by copyright holders(2021.4.24).「Phot by Matsuda, Satoru (Kobe University Library Earthquake Disaster Materials Collection)」クリエイティブ・コモンズ・ライセンス

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