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About links and copyright related to Kobe University Library Web page


You can provide respective Library Web page links to your page except that any conditions are stipulated.

But Library refrain from allowing to provide links to pages for commercial or violating public moral.

If you provide links to respective content unlike top page, one thing you keep in your mind is to add the notation that could be found easily that the links is on Kobe University Library page.


Copyright of each web page belong to Kobe University Library except that any conditions are stipulated.

However, copyright of production related to Earthquake Disaster and original text information and excerptions by searching digital journal database that both are available to public on each digital archive belong to each writer or organization.

Copyrights of digital data on view that Library produce belong to Kobe University Library.

Duplications of materials (print out, down load and so on) which Library web pages provide is restricted only to the cases that aim at survey, research, education and learning.

See to it that following statements in case of using data offered on Library web pages.

・To specify writers' name or data resource in quoting data.

・Not to add changes of subjects or content of the materials.

・Not to violate copyright law.

If you desire to use each medium of printing, electronic, broadcast, and all that with respect to Library web pages, mailing to Kobe University Library is imperative before you use.

It is forbidden to use by unauthorized individuals.

However, In the case of the use that is recognized not to violate copyright law, this will not necessarily be the same as above.