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Earthquake Disaster Materials Collection(EDMC) moves ahead on digitalizing not only information of catalogs but also just the contents of itself in order to be used much more data by those who can not visit this Library.

At present, EDMC discloses various kinds of materials, like one sheet of leaflets (more than 2500 works), photograph (more than 2200 works), books, publications, audio-visual data.

EDMC will also reinforce them. (at 3.28.2002)

You can see the materials and search them at 「Digital Archive Search」, but this Digital Gallery enables you to see the list of digitalized data, and to browse photograph collections reasonably.

By the way, in the phase of digitalization, this Library has never failed to be authorized data by copyright holders.

Never violate copyright low as sort of use without permission of copyright horders, please.
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In closing, Library deeply appreciates every copyright holder that gives us permissions.
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