Kobe University Library Digital Archive

About Call Number

The each data list in EDMC displays the book code, like "Equake-4-15".
These codes mean not only the pressmark uniquely but also assortments and classification of these data to some extent. So you might understand how to use it to read following explanation.

Class Number

For example, class number of "Equake-4-15" is 4. Subject to the "Table of classified subjects of Earthquake Disaster Materials Collection(EDMC)", it is classified 16 kinds of classes like Economy, Citizen lives, Medical Care.

Book Mark

The last part following class number, "15" of "Equake-4-15" is the "Book Mark". These are numbers of series in the order of accession. As well as composed only figure, some materials added alphabet like "Equake-4-s15".

Only figure (Equake-4-15)

The materials treated as normal book catalog. In addition to book catalog of Earthquake Disaster Materials Collection, more information is registered on national comprehensive catalog (Retrieval service for NACSIS-CAT Databases on World Wide Web Webcat is here) in National Institute of Informatics and Online Public Access Catalog(OPAC) of Kobe Univ.
Not only commercial books but also reports and audio-visual data are put as much as possible into these categories. you can search with various catalogs.

added "v" in front of figure(Equake-4-v15)

leaflets, resume, and pamphlets materials. It is difficult to take the method of normal book catalog, therefore these materials are only controlled in world wide web catalog of Earthquake Disaster Materials Collection(EDMC).
Note that the materials that take proper form of booklets are treated as "Only figure" above.

added "s" in front of figure(Equake-4-s15)

A few pieces of the leaflets or posters and so forth. These are controlled in www catalog of Earthquake Disaster Materials Collection(EDMC), too because of the difficulty of finding "title"s.
As well, because these kinds of materials have a lot of difficulty to stack with normal books together, these are placed separately.

added "z" in front of figure(Equake-4-z15)

The materials run articles about Earthquake Disaster in the part of magazines. Only are these controlled in the same way.

added "n" in front of figure(Equake-4-n15)

The materials collected by volunteer association "Earthquake and activity recorded room". These are kept in "Earthquake Disaster Materials Collection" and disclosed. Only are these controlled in the same way.