Kobe University Library Digital Archive

Table of classified subjects of Earthquake Disaster Materials Collection

EDMC is classified following 16 classes regardless of the forms of books, leaflets, audio-visual data.

1. Earthquake Disasters

Reported photo collection, miniature edition of news paper, Special edition magazine, Recorded photo collection, aerial photograph, newsflash, Map (Earthquake-striken area / Habitation map), General study

2. Law

3. Economy

Economic forecast, Finance

4. Public Administration

Rvival project, neighborhood association, Residents' assoication, Rezoning, publicity work, environment, a taxation system, a land price, the police, a proposal, crisis management

5. Fire Service / Disaster Prevention

Disaster relief, emergency activity, Self-Defense-Forces activity, a disaster prevention (survival) manual, a shelter

6. Citizen Lives

An opinion poll, a consumer's issue, the housing problem, women's issues, a proposal, crisis management

7. Social Welfare

A volunteer, a disabled person problem, a contribution

8. Education

the open class of a general earthquake, citizens college, and seminar, secondary reader, a foreign student, library news, and the crisis management of a school

9. Earthquake / Ground Viberation

Earthquake engineering, an active fault, a geologic map and a topographical map, earthquake prediction

10. Medical Care

Emergency medical treatment, nursing, moral medical care

11. Civil Engineering / Architecture

Design engineering, a lifeline (electricity, gas, and water service), liquefaction

12. Industry / Physical Distribution

Agriculture, industry, commerce, fisheries, a specific local industry, an employment problem, a company (including crisis management), trade

13. Traffic / Harbor

sight seeing

14. Information / Communications

media, publication, a report, personal computer communications

15. Art / Cultural Heritage


The account of a hand, the collection of compositions, a literary work, school-related collection of works