Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Disaster Materials Collection(EDMC)

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The following are materials shown with original data (images) by permission of the authors.


List of Non-Japanese materials with original data


Photographs of the Great Hanshin-Awaji
Earthquake Disaster,
by Kousaku Maeda,

(48 photos)

The Great Hanshin Earthquake as Recorded by an Earth Science Teacher
: Nishinomiya Municipal High School,
by Shinichi Kawase,

(869 photos)

Photographs of the earthquake
: JR Rokkomichi Station vicinity
/Hanshin Shinzaike Station vicinity
/Sannomiya Center Gai,
by Hayato Oura,

(6 photos)

[Earthquake photo collection, Nagata-ku vicinity],
by Kanji Wada,

(58 photos)

A photo collection of the Great Hanshin Earthquake
: seen through the eyes of a postgraduate student,
by Hiroyuki Shindo,

(296 photos)

Photo collection of Damage to Kobe University Libraries,
(289 photos)

Documentary Photographs of the Earthquake Disaster : Focus on Higashinada and Nishinomiya Areas / by Sakai, Hiroyoshi
(470 photo)

Headquarters to Assist the Blind Injured in Hyogo Earthquake : photo collection of HABIE activities,

(163 photos)

Audio Materials

Audio of the Great Hanshin Earthquake:
The Cripped Transit System
by Takao Iba,

1996 Kobe Sound Scene
by Takao Iba,

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