Kobe University Library Digital Archive

How to Use

How to use EDMC

Everyone can use Earthquake Disaster Materials Collection(EDMC).

How to search catalog

You can search by online catalog.


These data are so precious that the library refrains from lending them out.


You can duplicate some but cannot others, so please inquire officers about that.

If you have something,

When you did not find out the book that you seek or did not understand how to search data or how to use machines, please ask officers.

Where is EDMC?

The Collection is on the third floor of the Library for Social Sciences, Kobe University Library.


EDMC runs from 11 to 17 on weekday.
(You can apply to duplicate materials until 16:30.)


  • Every Saturday and Sunday
  • Holydays about National Holydays stipulated by law
  • The anniversary of the founding establishment (May 15)
  • The end and beginning of a year (from Dec 28 to Jan 4)
  • A day of pigeonhole in library


You can take a city bus 36-service route from each station, Mikage in Hanshin line, Rokkoumichi in JR line, and Rokkou in Hankyu line to "Shindai Seimon Mae"(the Main Gate of Kobe Univ). It takes 5 minutes from the bus stop to this library.

Address and phone number

Address : Library for Social Sciences, Kobe University Library, Rokkoudai-cho 2-1 Nada-ku Kobe 657-8501
Phone: +81-78-803-7342  FAX: +81-78-803-7336