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Oppotunity to support the Earthquake Disaster Material Collection(EDMC) (Request)

In early morning of January 17, Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake brought devastating damage. Kobe University Library in the disaster stricken areas has tried taking as much part of the responsibility of a university library as possible, and has proceeded the preparation to serve the data "documents and data related to Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Disaster", which the library vigorously collected before.
In the process of collection, The library was given heartful support and assistance from not only the people in this area but also a lot of organizations, associations and individuals all over the world. Fortunately, EDMC has implemented public release of those data as "Earthquake Disaster Materials Collection(EDMC) in Kobe University Library" since October 30th 1995.

EDMC will continue to collect them in order to much more develop and enrich this "Earthquake Disaster Materials Collection(EDMC)"
In line with this, although you may have a full schedule, we profoundly beg you to understand this drift, and send the data (if it isn't inconvenient of you) to following address.

[Target of collecting data]
The targets are not only publication at both commercial and private expense, but also research papers, investigation reports, static data, the records of lecture, resume, leaflet from various associations and individuals.
And this library collects the printed data as well as following forms just like digitalized data (CD-ROM and so forth), videos, recorded tapes, micro data, photographs and maps.

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Earthquake Disaster Material Collection(EDMC) in Kobe University Library
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