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How to Register

Please send us the Research Achievement and the Registration Form
The research achievement will be verified against copyright policy regulations designated by the publisher, and made public if it does not violate any regulation.

【 Registration Form 】
Kobe University Open Access Policy (Adoption date: 2017-01-10. Effective date: 2017-02-01)
Form for Doctoral Dissertations  [Word 83KB]  [PDF 193KB]

Sending Address
Digital Library Section, Kobe University Library
657-8501 2-1 Rokkodai-cho Nada-ku Kobe city, Japan
Tel +81-78-803-7333 Fax +81-78-803-7336

 <Please note the following>
  1. Any kind of file (Microsoft Word, JustSystem Ichitaro, Adobe PDF etc.) is sufficient.
    Moreover, it is permissible to divide the file into several smaller files.
  2. Most publishers prohibit the opening of digital files they have edited, therefore be sure to upload the final draft.
  3. In the case of a collaborative work, obtain the consent of all who collaborated in advance.
  4. In principle, this system is to disclose works by domestic and international academic institutes.
Who May Register ?
  • Kobe University staff and former staff
  • Graduate students and research students
  • Those who were admitted by the chief librarian of Kobe University
Kinds of Material That Can Be Registered
  • Papers that have been published in journals
  • Papers that have been published in university bulletins
  • Doctoral theses
  • Books
  • Research reports
  • Research reports of "Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research" (final report)
  • Databases
  • Teaching materials
  • Software
  • Education and research materials
Related Materials
Q. What is the merit of opening digital resources through an institutional repository?
A. Easier access to the Internet may increase the frequency of referrals to your paper.
    The institutional repository system may lighten your task of keeping digital files.
Q. What kind of file format can I send to the Kernel?
A. Any kind of file format is OK. We will convert it into a PDF file and open it on Kernel.
Q. My paper consists of a mixture of files (text file and picture file). Can I send these multiple files to the Kernel?
A. Yes. We will convert these files into one PDF file for viewing on the Internet.
    Please specify the order of the files.
Q. Is it possible to send movie files to the Kernel?
A. Yes. Kobe University Digital Library distributes various media of picture, sound, movie and so on.
    Feel free to contact us about distribution of multimedia files as well.