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Shibuya Library

Shibuya library is technical data of the Japanese Imperial Navy that were collected by Mr.SHIBUYA, Ryutaro in the Production Technology Association (established in 1946.) Some of these data were donated to the Marine Engineering Society in Japan, and had been stored in Kobe University of Mercantile Marine (Faculty of Marine Science, Kobe University now.)
In March of 1994, the data were officially transferred to Kobe University of Mercantile Marine, and formed "Shibuya Library." Shibuya Library stores as many as 4400 materials including rare, original technical data of the Japanese Imperial Navy like "the Case of the EICE (Rinkicho)."

Interpretation- About Shibuya Library-
The History of the formation of Shibuya Library, and explanation about Mr.SHIBUYA, Ryutaro.

Catalogue Search
You can refer to the Classification and Catalogue.

Graphical Materials (in Japanese)
You can browse some of graphics of the materials of the Japanese Imperial Navy that are stored in Shibuya Library.

The Case of the EICE (Rinkicho) (in Japanese)
Explanation about the case of the EICE (Rinkicho) that happened in the Japanese Imperial Navy. We are planning to digitalize graphics of these materials, and to be disclosed on the web.