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About the Project of Cataloging and Republication of the Document
The Graphics and Republication of the Document


"The Document about Wang Jingxiang"

  • How to browse the document graphics (Glass view manipulation)
    There are two kinds of way to display document graphics, "Standard display" and "Glass view".

    When you choose the graphic you want to watch from the list of left side frame in the display, you can see the graphic you chose in the right side frame by "Standard display".

  • Standard display
    In case of the standard display, document graphics will be shown directly.
    In case that the list of left side frame displays in "gray" , we can browse only standard displayed graphics.
    If you want to change the size of graphics of right side frame, please point your cursor on the graphic in the right side frame and click it.

  • Glass view
    The "Glass view" means two kinds of interface, [すける](SUKERU) and [もじな](MOJINA) and displays document graphics and its information.
    Only can graphics "colored in orange " of left side frame be shown with the glass view.
    When you choose a graphic from the list of graphics, the graphic will be displayed by the standard display first.
    Then, clicking [すける](SUKERU) or [もじな](MOJINA) on the upper of right frame, the graphic you choose will be displayed.

    There is put in hidden (transparent) graphic on the display.
    There is only one part of sight glass which shows republication text of document graphics out of there.
    Literally, it is [すける](Transparent) interface.
    Putting your cursor on the graphic, clicking left button and dragging it, you can change the size of sight accordingly.
    One tap of space key can change the republication deeper or paler between six steps.

    Mojina displays republication text aside each raw of ancient sentence.
    [もじな](MOJINA) is named after "Letters (MOJI) Lining up (NAraberu)".
    Pointing on a line of the graphics and clicking left side of your mouse, you can see the republication beside the line you choose.
    [もじな](MOJINA) also hides buttons on the four corners of the display, and if you click it, all of the hidden republication texts will be displayed.

    * If you need farther explanation of the way of using glass view, [すける](SUKERU) and [もじな](MOJINA), please refer to THIS PAGE.

    (The others)

  • Detailed graphics displays less than about 300KByte.

  • The graphics with republication adopt detailed graphics. Clicking right side on the graphic, you can choose enlargement function.
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