Kobe University Library Digital Archive 【 Newspaper Article 】

Data item and content

Here,we explain specification and contents about each of the whole sentence report picture, a title index, and a whole sentence text offered in digital version Newspaper Article.

The unit of one report

In principle, the series report is not divided for every series time, but it's regarded as one report collectively.

The whole sentence report picture

The clipping report recorded on Newspaper Article is clipped the report portion from stencil paper, stuck on pasteboard for every report in principle, and given a newspaper name and a date to the beginning and saved.
We considers as one picture for every pasteboard in principle, trim the report with a small area in accordance with the report.
All pictures have been changed into GIF form what was scanned in G4 compression of TIFF(monochrome 2 value) form.
  • A long report is crossed to plural pictures.
  • Although the last frames may be a few lines, they're regarded as plural pictures as it is.
  • Plural reports may be occasionally stuck on one sheet of pasteboard (mainly in early of Taisho). In this case, although the picture is created for every report, since trimming is a rectangle in principle, the fragment of the report of order may accompany.
  • In the case of a series report, only the title of the 1st series is left, and the title of the 2nd henceforth may be thrown away, and may have been stuck only the report text continuously. Although there are some in which have the "the first" title first and "the second" and "the third" are not found and it is like an imperfect report apparently, many are based on this situation.

    Title index data

    "Title index data" is the report display information of each as a reference result or a browsing list.

  • 独逸の戦時工業(上・下) 森林化して織物となる (台湾新聞 1918.3.1-1918.3.2 ) [工業 04-002]
    Report title
    "Report title" is the title and the subtitle in the report beginning. In the case of a series report, it is the title and the subtitle of the whole series, and each time title does not contain.
    Author information
    In the case of a signed article, we describe "Author Information" in the form of "full-name : role display : affiliation and a title" behind a report title.
    Newspaper name
    In Newspaper Article, we don't leave the title of stencil paper etc., but sticks the piece of paper by printing or handwriting on the report beginning, and shows the newspaper name and the date. Although there is a doubtful example that it's newspaper name only with 1 another time in a series report rarely, either, it has been inputted as a scrapbook.
    Report date
    Although there're dates in the piece of paper stuck on the report beginning like a newspaper name, many of them are handwriting and difficult to read. From the order relation within a scrapbook, they may be guessed somewhat boldly and have been inputted. Please confirm a picture too.
    In addition, in the case of a series report, it has been carried by "from-to".
    Report classification
    「繊維工業3巻の10番目の記事」is displayed as [繊維工業 03-010].

    Report whole sentence text

    A whole sentence serves as a candidate for reference, and, as for a report whole sentence text, an indication is also given with a picture.
    The following disposal has been performed to the text currently offered.
  • 漢字は現在の常用字体に置き換えて入力しています。
  • 歴史的かなづかいも現代かなづかいに置き換えています。
  • 統計図表などの図表類は[図表あり ]のように存在位置のみを示して、入力していません。図表部分は画像をごらんください。
  • 判読困難な文字は「□」に、判読できるがJIS第2水準外文字は「●」で入力しています。 Although we're striving for data proofreading, there are still some miswritten word and omission of a word under present proofreading. I make you trouble, please look in contrast with a picture. Indication of an error etc. Please call the following number: (078)803-7333.