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Newspaper Article in digital version

2000.6.30 Kobe University Library
"The digital version Newspaper Article" is the digital version of "Newspaper Article" of Kobe University Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration.

Kobe Digital Library and Newspaper Article

 In Kobe University Library, in response to the new budget measure, in 1999 operation of the "Kobe Digital Library system" was started.
 The main of this system is in the "Digital Library Archives" design which the characteristic data of Kobe University are digitized and carries out information dispatch widely in the whole country and the world,so it built and started two pillars as this "characteristic data".

  • Data about Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Disaster
  • Data about economy and business

 Among these, the former has continued the information dispatch collected from the beginning as "Earthquake Disaster Library".
 The latter "Data about economy and business" is prepared taking advantage of the special feature that the past of Kobe University is Kobe Higher Commercial School and Kobe Commercial University. And it was "Sumita-bunko(historical records about marine)" and "Newspaper Article" which have been concretely gone up in process of contents selection work.

 As we're introducing on the page of "What is a Newspaper Article?","Newspaper Article " which Kobe University Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration has built hard over 60 years is precious data without a similar case.  In Kobe University Library, an understanding and cooperation of a research institute were obtained, digitization was tackled from 1999, and it became progress of general public presentation from June 30, 2000.

The method for digitization

 The clipping enterprise of a newspaper article library becomes about 3200 scrapbooks from the end of Meiji to Showa 45 (1970), about 2500 volumes are bound-together-in-one-volume and placed on a shelf among those by the same specification in the end of Meiji - Showa 18. Therefore, in the digital version enterprise, we decided to set the thing of this age as the present object.
 In consideration of working efficiency and the charge preservation of data, and digitization work (scanning) is done from the microfilm created in the Showa 40s. The object is a huge quantity which is about 500-volume with a microfilm, about 550,000 frames.(Since long reports, such as a series report, are crossed to two or more frames, in the number of reports, it becomes estimated 380,000 affairs.)
 Such a large quantity should not be settled at a stretch and will be built little by little in annual. Since Newspaper Article is classified according to the theme, an input is advanced one by one per report classification (→Classification table). About the input order, examination will be repeated in the project by the intramural instructor, and it will start from "industry and mining".

 In this digital version enterprise, we aim at carrying in a database by using a report whole sentence as text data as well as creating and exhibiting a report picture from a microfilm. Although text-ization requires time and effort and cost compared with picture creation,the advantage is that a full-text search becomes possible and reuse of quotation etc. is easy.
 Although only a picture may be exhibited first and a text may be carried afterwards for the restrictions on work, finally we plans to create picture and text data in all reports.

 In addition, we always have to consider the problem of copyright.
 Since the newspaper article which is the object of the digital version enterprise is established by Showa 18, the protection period "after 50 years an official announcement" of corporation writing has passed, and we think that the copyright of a newspaper publishing company is cleared.
 However, usually about a signed article, the author itself instead of a newspaper publishing company has copyright, and in this case, since "50 years after death" is a protection period, there is still the possibility in a right period.Then, the report in a protection period is limited to offer of only title reference for the time being by the signed article, and we're considering as the schedule exhibited one by one from what the suitable processing on copyright completed.

It turns at future.

 About 30000 frames (22000 reports) were offered in establishment this time. Although we think that it is a quantity considerable as the absolute number, it has not reached to ten percent, either, in view of the whole object. It's is a very long 2 years plan to finish "industry and mining" only.
 We want to continue construction work constantly as what hands down record and memory of the time which is becoming far to future generations, and as scientific basic data for studying the time of Taisho and the first half of Showa.