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Public presentation of data of restored materials

 The digitization work of the "Sumida Maritime Materials Collection" is advanced to the 1st term (the Heisei 7 fiscal year - the Heisei 10 fiscal year), and the 2nd term from the Heisei 11 fiscal year.
 In the 1st term, for a start, the contents of a bibliography of the "Catalogue of Sumida Maritime Materials Collection" (Showa 43 annual publications) is checked with the actual thing, and taking a photograph and digitization of about 100 titles is carried out in four years.  From the 2nd term, not only digitization but restoration of materials was begun as the previous work. This work was carried out about 12 materials in the Heisei 11 fiscal year. All of these are the materials whose contents could not be checked because of a remarkable damage on the occasion of the check work of actual thing in the Heisei 7 fiscal year. In this library, not only the digital images after restoration but the data related to restoration (the state of materials before restoration and the data which the restoration contractor created) with restoration contractor's consent were open to the public on this homepage.
 Please use this data of restored materials and the picture which digitized after restoration for a restoration plan, research, etc.

Material after restoration (Japanese only)
If a material name is clicked, the data related to restoration of the material concerned can be seen.